Clockwork Princess – A Spoiler Free Review

Clockwork Princess

Tessa Gray quote from Cassandra Claire’s series The Infernal Devices.

Book: Clockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare

Age Group: Teen

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Steampunk

Rating: 4.5/5

I recently finished the novel Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. This was the third and final book in the trilogy the Infernal Devices. Currently, I’m torn on the ending. I feel like it could have been better, but every time I sit down to think of how it could have been changed, I’m at a loss for words. I enjoyed the fact that in Clare’s author’s note she mentioned that since the beginning of the series she had the final scene in mind. This gives me hope for the ending. But, I have chosen to continue to sit on it for a few more days before declaring a true opinion of it.

I read the first 250 pages in two days, and then began to slow down. I felt the book did a lot of things it needed to; wrapped up a lot of endings and opened new questions making me ponder reading Clare’s first series, the Mortal Instruments. I’m pondering doing this in order to tie some ends up, as well as see if any of the characters are referenced, or re-occurring in this later alternate universe.

I felt the craft at play continued to be strong, as it had in her earlier books, but at times the text was slow. There were amazing quotes in it, as always, one can be viewed above. Clare truly did her research of London, and her use of languages, Latin, Chinese, Welsh, etc. was inspiring. Clare’s universe that she has painted intrigues me in a way that it’s inspiring.I’ve also read an announcement on Cassandra Clare’s tumblr page that she plans to write two more Shadowhunters’ series. I personally, can not wait. Also, check out the tarot card set that will be coming out on Clare’s tumblr page.


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