Fallen – A Spoiler Free Review


The cover page for Randomhouses website for the Fallen book series.

Book: Fallen

Author: Lauren Kate

Age Group: Teen/Young Adult

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Romance

Rating: 2/5

This is bound to be the hardest review I have written thus so far, but try and stick with me on it. Upon the same day that has previously been discussed that I took a trip to Powells, I noticed a book called Fallen significantly marked down. I loved the front cover art design, and P.C. Cast, one of my favorite teen authors, had given it a raving review. I’d seen it around at other places like Walmart, as well as in online ads. Obviously the world wanted me to read it, so I finally gave in and picked it up.

Although the book has some fantastic concepts laid in place, you don’t get them until the very end of the novel. Up until then it is all teenage angst, woah is me, and man that guy is hot. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who even acted like that growing up. Okay, maybe one or two girls but I was never friends with them. It was painful at times to flip the page and see what fragmented and unrealistic events and dialogues would follow. By the time I approached the end of the novel I was hurting inside for the author wondering why she’d wasted the 350+ pages driving a reader away when the content she could be revealing was in fact quite good! I’m also sad to say that I caught multiple typos throughout the book, her own characters names spelled differently from page-to-page and a multitude of grammatical errors. (I know my own grammar is awful at times! Do you see those comma splices?!)

Fallen is indeed your typical teen romance I’m sorry to say. Hot guys, very mary-sue average girl, a bit of danger thrown in there and you got Fallen. With sections of dialogue like:

“‘Give me a break,'” Penn said, laughing. ‘A, it’s totally obvious that you stare at Daniel Grigori all the time.’

‘Shhh!’ Luce said again.

‘B,’ Penn said, not dropping her voice, ‘I watched you stalk him online for an entire class the other day.'”

If you’re into books like this then check it out. I will not be continuing with the rest of the series, unless someone somehow convinces me otherwise. But, as always, I have only one opinion, and that is my own. Check out other reviews before drawing a verdict.

Thanks for you time,

~ Yoku


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