City of Ashes – A Spoiler Free Review


Art by far-eviler on dA.

Book: City of Ashes

Author: Cassandra Claire

Age Group: Teen

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Supernatural

Rating: 4/5

I finished City of Ashes several days ago, but was on a quest to find a song that I heard on the radio before I posted this review. After a couple days of hunting and not being able to figure out what it is I have given up. But, while listening to the song I got a very distinct feeling that it described the relationship between Clary and Jace in City of Ashes. All I can remember about the chorus is that it was “Your love is like a disease, but also the cure” and it listed several pros and cons like that about their relationship. I remember it being a female’s voice, but that’s where my recollection stops. If you guys know what it is let me know because it’s driving me crazy! Anyway, onto the review.

Clare’s writing has significantly improved between City of Bones and City of Ashes. Her characters and dialogue are much more realistic and believable. Her settings are described in a few choice words that give the readers just enough. Her phrases are getting better, leading to a good use of quotes. She also is intertwining her well-read knowledge into the book better, with quotes at the beginning of sections and intertwining of phrases into the actual language within the book, like selections from the Bible.

I’m still finding myself struggling somewhat against the romance between Jace and Clary, but at the same time I don’t feel as put-off by it as I did in City of Bones. It feels more realistic and organic. On this note, I mentioned that the characters are becoming more real. They’re beginning to act how one would expect them to in given situations, with Jace’s reactions to things and how Clary is becoming a stronger and stronger character as the series goes on.

Overall I’m continuing to enjoy the series and am loving using the information I learned about the family names from the Infernal Devices to put it into the motivations and what has become of the generations in City of Ashes. This is especially true with what happened in the Bone City! But you’ll have to read the books to find that out yourself.

On a small aside, I’m an avid following of Clare’s Tumblr page and she has announced a Magnus Bane companion novel. Magnus is one of my favorite characters in both the series so I can’t tell you how excited I am. He’s a very complex character that Clare handles extremely well and I’m excited to see the depths of him written out.
As always, I only have one set of opinions. Check out other reviews if you’re thinking about purchasing the book yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

~ Yoku


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