Sea Turtle Cupcakes — A Perfect Treat on a Summer’s Day


Rating: 4/5 — A bit spendy and messy to make plus transport.

Well it’s official, I have moved! So today while taking a break from sorting through my old life and unpacking my new life I decided to try another small adventure in cooking — Sea Turtle Cupcakes. (Pictured above.) Another pretty simple recipe, as I’m still working through boxed items, ie. in my case Moist Supreme Premium Cake Mix – Classic Yellow. I like how moist this leaves my cupcakes.

Ingredients: Cake mix, gummy orange fruit slices, gummy rings, gum drops, food coloring, frosting, and food dye.

Supplies: Cupcake tin, toothpicks, and cupcake wrappers.
First: Prepare and make the cupcakes according to the box instructions. Once those are in the oven begin counting out the proper amount of gummies per/cupcake. If you have 20 cupcakes you’ll need 20 gummy rings, 40 gumdrops, and 20 gummy fruit slices. Once you’ve counted out your gummies set them aside and begin dividing your gummy fruit slices into 4 sections (one for each fin).
Second: Set a small amount of white frosting aside for the eyes. Add the food dye to the rest of the frosting according to the directions. You can also make your frosting whichever color you wish. In my case I put about 18 drops of blue food coloring in and mixed in a swirl pattern to give my water more depth.

Third: Once the cupcakes are done allow them to sit for about 30 minutes to cool. Once cooled begin frosting. After you feel that a cupcake has enough frosting on it, place a gummy fruit ring slightly off to one side. This is the perimeter of your shell. Next take your four gummy fruit slices and set those around the shell in a fin pattern (2 on each side). Finally, add a gumdrop into the middle of the shell, upside down, and a gumdrop in front of the shell, right side up. Add two frosting eyes and viola!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy cooking!

~ Yoku


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