Beat the Heat Readthon and Progress Post FINAL!

Well the closing day was yesterday, but I didn’t have access to a computer so here are my final numbers. : 3 Also, I apologize for no reviews, life has been really busy and I haven’t felt the motivation.

My goals:

  • Finish The Night Circus (DONE!)
  • Read Tiger and Bunny Volume One (DONE!)
  • Read The Alchemist (DONE!)
  • Start one of the following: Uglies (In Progress), LeviathanHeartless, or The Selection (DONE!)
  • Start one of the following: Alice in the Country of Hearts, Bunny Drop (DONE!), or Maximum Ride
  • Write reviews for The Night Circus, Tiger and Bunny Volume One, and The Alchemist

My Progress:

  • Finished The Night Circus, The Alchemist, The Selection, Bunny Drop and Tiger and Bunny Volume One
  • Currently reading The Uglies (about 60 pages in)
  • Keep an eye on my Goodreads tab for the latest updates!

Overall I’m pretty happy and proud of how many books I was able to read. But, I’m pretty distressed with my lack of reviews. So I guess it was a win:loss type situation for me. Hopefully I’ll find the energy to toss some reviews at you guys, probably starting with the most recently read book and working my way back.

Hope you guys are having a good summer!

~ Yoku


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