Changeless – A Spoiler Free Review


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Book: Changeless

Author: Gail Carriger

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Supernatural

Rating: 4.5/5

“Oh dear, has something untoward ensued? Everyone is gesticulating.”

Why yes indeed it has! We have been introduced to… The Scotts! In this installment of the  parasol protectorate comes a new mystery, a cast of fanatical new characters, and traveling by dirigible.

Following quickly on the tail of Soulless, Changeless starts several days (to weeks) after the wedding when life in the Maccon household is getting into full swing. The troops have returned from fighting in the East, many of which are werewolves returned to the English pack, a new plague has fallen upon the city, and Lady Maccon has been instructed to visit a brand-new hat shop.

As mentioned above, the book is full of new mysteries to be solved — new friends and allies made thus. A cast of wonderful new characters including a lady inventor and some wonderfully hilarious Scottish werewolves and their Lady. As well as Lady Maccon’s first ever trip by dirigible.

Although this story is stand alone, it is also the beginning of a bigger plot and arch set up for the rest of the series. It leaves loose ties at the end of the novel for us to wonder what comes next.

Overall I enjoyed this continuation of Alexia’s story and can not wait to sink my teeth into the next novel, of which I have already begun.

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Soulless – A Spoiler Free Review


Alexia Tarabotti and Connal Maccon by Ulalah on dA.

Book: Soulless

Author: Gail Carriger

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Supernatural

Rating: 5/5

Shall I begin to talk about this book? Well let me say I love, love, LOVED it! It was fantastic and what an amazing read after the Rising. If I had to tag line it (which I did in fact for my local libraries summer reviews) I would say: “A fun and delightful read of a woman with astounding manners and a great sense of the sensible.” A bit silly, believe me I know, but I feel like it describes it quite well. Only topped by two other taglines, number one being this: “Soulless is a character-driven romp with great worldbuilding and delicious rapier wit that recalls Austen and P.G. Wodehouse.” Number two being the tagline on the front of the book: “A novel of vampires, werewolves, and parasols” which is the one that got me at the book store. I’ve asked myself a dozen times which it has taken me so long to find this delightful novel seeing my love of steampunk, supernatural, romance, and woman with wit! Well, none-the-less, the series now lies upon my bed side table where I am eating them up like tea cakes!

The first installment of this series is Soulless which follows the main female lead, Alexia Tarabotti, on her adventures in high London society as a spinster. She has some interesting acquaintances including two werewolves and a rove vampire friend. Alexia always has her handy dandy parasol at the ready for any unfortunate accidents, which as a supernatural herself, seem to be drawn to her on a regular basis. The language of the novel is playful and full of wit and english language, that which derives from England. It often reminded me of that Southern Woman lines meme that have been running rapid recently.

This story has a fun plot that is constantly being pushed forward full of mystery, suspense, adventure, and romance. The romance is a large part of this novel, as much as any other part, and would not be what it was without it. The romance aspect, is also which pushes this novel from upper young adult to that of adult, so be a bit weary of that.

The characters are multi-dimensional and no two are the same. Carriger also takes a great interest in describing era based clothing, class system, vehicles, and cutting edge science of the time. Carriger carries on a great storyline, alternative history that makes sense and is backed by a large amount of research, as well as believable characters. Honestly, I would love to live in this world that Carriger has created. All in all a great book that I highly recommend!

As always all opinions and views noted above are my own. If you’re thinking about buying the book then check out other reviews.

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Pss. Also, I’m aware there is a manga of this series and I have it on hold at the library already. I can’t wait to check it out! (Literally of course.)

The Looking Glass Wars – A Spoiler Free Review


Young Princess Alyss Heart of Wonderland – Concept artwork for the Looking Glass Wars

Book: The Looking Glass Wars

Author: Frank Beddor

Age Group: Older Child/Young Adult

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Romance

Rating: 3.5/5

The Looking Glass Wars first caught my eye upon the bookshelves of Powells while I was picking up some used books for my reading pleasure (the Calling and Clockwork Princess from my earlier reviews being two of those others from that trip). I’ve always been intrigued by different versions and re-tellings of the Alice in Wonderland story as I plan to one day do one of my own. I remembered that some of my friends had read this particular novel growing up and been intrigued by the ideas it presented. I picked up the book and began to flip through the pages, quickly surprised and pleased that the novel is filled with concept artwork and sketches of the characters and the environment in which they lived. I was thrilled.
Upon taking the book home and beginning to read it, I quickly realized that I was probably too old (at 22) to be as enthralled with this book as its intended audience. Non-the-less I read it all the way through and thus am reviewing it today.

Overall the character designs, pacing, and world building is extremely well done. Where this falls short is story arc, believability, and the forced (at times) romance. Even though it was Wonderland, there were times when even I caught myself making a small half-smirk at the book and thinking Did that really just happen? Had I been my younger self I would’ve laughed at the thought of it, gleeful in its existence. One thing I will give Beddor though, other than all the amazing things I have already mentioned, was that his research was quite in-depth. At the end of the book is a timeline of events in Wonderland side-by-side with events in London, England. He had a historical starting point for this novel and he stuck closely to it. Other areas where I found it a bit short were language, but this makes sense for its intended audience.

I myself will probably not be picking up the sequels, but I can easily see Disney asking for the rights to this novel to make, yet another Alice movie spin-off.

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Clockwork Princess – A Spoiler Free Review

Clockwork Princess

Tessa Gray quote from Cassandra Claire’s series The Infernal Devices.

Book: Clockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare

Age Group: Teen

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Steampunk

Rating: 4.5/5

I recently finished the novel Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. This was the third and final book in the trilogy the Infernal Devices. Currently, I’m torn on the ending. I feel like it could have been better, but every time I sit down to think of how it could have been changed, I’m at a loss for words. I enjoyed the fact that in Clare’s author’s note she mentioned that since the beginning of the series she had the final scene in mind. This gives me hope for the ending. But, I have chosen to continue to sit on it for a few more days before declaring a true opinion of it.

I read the first 250 pages in two days, and then began to slow down. I felt the book did a lot of things it needed to; wrapped up a lot of endings and opened new questions making me ponder reading Clare’s first series, the Mortal Instruments. I’m pondering doing this in order to tie some ends up, as well as see if any of the characters are referenced, or re-occurring in this later alternate universe.

I felt the craft at play continued to be strong, as it had in her earlier books, but at times the text was slow. There were amazing quotes in it, as always, one can be viewed above. Clare truly did her research of London, and her use of languages, Latin, Chinese, Welsh, etc. was inspiring. Clare’s universe that she has painted intrigues me in a way that it’s inspiring.I’ve also read an announcement on Cassandra Clare’s tumblr page that she plans to write two more Shadowhunters’ series. I personally, can not wait. Also, check out the tarot card set that will be coming out on Clare’s tumblr page.