Blameless – A Spoiler Free Review


Alexia Tarabotti / Lady Maccon by ~thor1971 on dA

Book: Blameless

Author: Gail Carriger

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Supernatural

Rating: 3.5/5

As promised, this is the last of the reviews on the Parasol Protectorate for a while, which all in all, I’m pretty happy about as this last installment was not nearly as stellar as the rest.

I found Blameless to be full of a lot of politics and dialogue and not a lot of action. As you all have probably gathered at this point, I’m not a fan of that in my novels. I’ve been told that I wouldn’t enjoy the Game of Thrones novels for this reason and many of times I’ve stopped reading a book right in the middle because of it.

I understood the necessity for a large majority of it, but none-the-less it was presented to me in such a way that I often found myself bored with what I was reading. Thus, I didn’t move through the pages very quickly. Everything I was reading I felt like I’d already read or known before via the series, even if it was new for the protagonist. I also found myself being frustrated by the end of the novel and pretty put off by the way that it sets up that you HAVE to read the next novel in the series to get anything really from Blameless at all. That, in my opinion, is never a good move. I never want to feel forced to read the next novel, instead I want to choose to read it on my own because the previous one is so stellar. Maybe after my small reading break from the Protectorate’s I’ll be able to fall back in love with them, but for now they will sit on my bedside table.

Blameless did tie-up a few loss ends from the previous novel, but it also opened many new ones. Blameless also introduced us to some of the other countries in Europe during this alternative time-period. I felt that that helped with the world-building quite a bit. We learned more about Alexia’s father, Floote, and of course Madame Lefoux, although I still feel like Madame Lefoux is shrouded in mystery. Carriger delivered an installment that I found fairly flavorless, but necessary none-the-less. Hopefully the next novel won’t be quite so dry.

As always all opinions and views noted above are my own. If you’re thinking about buying the book then check out other reviews.

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~ Yoku