Soulless Volume One – A Spoiler Free Review


Soulless front cover published by Yen Press and art by REM.

Book: Soulless

Author: Gail Carriger

Artist: REM

Age Group: Older Teen

Genre: Graphic Novel, Action, Adventure, Romance, Supernatural

Rating: 5/5

Having returned from the beach for a small vacation with the family I have three reviews to grace you all with over the next three days! The first being Soulless Volume One. I’ll then switch off and review Changeless and then will switch back to Soulless Volume Two. Now, onto the review!

As I was reading Soulless (the novel) I sent off a message to one of my favorite artists, Cassandra Jean, informing her that her art style matched the scenes and characters I imagined in Carriger’s Soulless. She messaged me back, via tumblr, to inform me that a good friend of hers in fact does do the art, and that would be REM. I’m astounded by REM’s adaption for the series. The expressions and portrayals of the characters are humorous and hit close to home with my own personal images. I enjoyed seeing the characters playing out their scenes extremely well portrayed upon the pages of this graphic novel.

Not only did I find the characters well portrayed, but the era based clothing and backgrounds was well researched and fitting. (I even added Alexia’s rose dress to my “wanting to cosplay” list — although I can’t seem to find a good reference for it. If you guys have one let me know!) Her portrayal of the romance is subtle and sexy, but not too over the top to push the graphic novel to mature. I also wish to note that REM’s style of wolves is easy on the eyes and matches her humanoid style quite nicely.

I borrowed the first two volumes from the library, but I plan to purchase them both next time I’m in Powell’s. I applaud Yen Press for their lovely choice in artists to portray this fabulous series which I highly recommend to steampunk fans, supernatural fans, and of course graphic novel lovers of high wit and stunning artwork.

Finally, attached at the end of this review is a little bit of preview from the first volume to give you guys a taste for more!

As always all opinions and views noted above are my own. If you’re thinking about buying the book then check out other reviews.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

~ Yoku